Cross Resources, Inc. is involved in several services: (1) Language and culture learning, (2) Trauma consulting, (3) Strategy consulting, and (4) the most intensive ministry, that of Prayer Resolution.

Language & Culture learning: We run a 3-5 month entry program to help arrivals in a new country get directed supervision. This involves language learning, language acquisition and tools for understanding a culture there are no classes on the actual culture but rather we use the new culture as the lab for applying culture learning tools. Previous courses have been held in Kenya and Morocco by us (Smiths) and in Senegal and Central Asia by a Latin organization.

Trauma consulting: We have worked in West Africa, Europe and the United States helping people get over the experiences that traumatized them.

Strategy consulting: We have worked with organizations in Europe, the Middle East, East Africa and North Africa.

Prayer Resolution: We help and train people with the tools of Prayer Resolution. The emphasis is helping people get rid of the effects of the past. Our Mission Statement... Our mission Statement for Prayer Resolution is simple: To create a fellowship of Believers who have experienced Prayer Resolution in their lives and who have the tools, in turn, to help others.

We have a set of unique features (Distinctives) that, together, set Prayer Resolution apart from other Christian prayer models. Foremost in the Prayer Resolution session is that we bring the hurting person into the presence of his/her heavenly Father as his son/daughter. We do not accept learning how to cope or survive as an answer to lifes issues. We believe that when we pray according to Gods standard and with His perspective then we can expect him to answer our prayers.

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